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10 reasons why an expensive cooler is better than a cheap cooler

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Some people might think the cheapest cooler might be the best option. Well, that may not be the case. The following will give you ten reasons why the expensive cooler might be the best cooler for you.

1. Higher Quality

Right off the bat, the expensive option is probably higher quality. Certain coolers are more expensive because the company uses quality parts and puts true craftsmanship into its products.

When companies only care about profits and don’t care about providing quality, they usually just offer the bare minimum, which is why you find cheap coolers. It may feel better to buy the cheap cooler, but you may be tricking yourself. Seeing the jump in price may be nerve-wracking, but consider it an investment.

2. Impact Resistance

As mentioned earlier, cheap coolers tend to be out of subpar materials. Companies that make cheaper options are only interested in selling as many of these coolers as possible. This usually means they have to make these coolers quickly and to a lower standard.

Usually, this means cheaper parts, and that’s something you’re going to have to deal with at some point. A cooler goes with you everywhere, and that means loads of movement. The chances of something happening to your cooler is high. Quality coolers should resist impacts more effectively than poor-quality coolers.

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3. Saves Money

A cheap cooler may not last long. You’ll need to buy a new one soon enough. That’s the point of poor-quality products. They don’t last, so they force you to buy another one. You don’t want to get stuck in that cycle.

It’s not only annoying, but it ends up forcing you to spend more money in the long run. Opt for a high-quality, expensive cooler because that was designed to last a while, and all that money you’re saving could be put right back into your outdoor activities, which is where it belongs anyway.

4. Colder Longer

Higher quality usually means better insulation. Companies that sell high-quality coolers care about what they’re offering. The companies take their time creating a cooler with thicker walls to make sure all of your stuff stays colder longer.

The whole point of a cooler is to make sure your stuff remains cold. Poor-quality coolers are effective, but they don’t keep your stuff cold for long. If you know you’re only going to be needing your stuff to stay cold for a short period, then go for the low-quality option. If you need to keep your food cooler for a longer time, the expensive one is the right choice.

5. Better Design

A cooler manufacturer that doesn’t care won’t spend much time designing anything. They’ll just make a basic cooling box and sell that to you. A cooler manufacturer that cares will spend some time designing the cooler.

Those who care about design and the way their products look will love the unique design from Bevanda coolers. You’ll see interesting colors, more ergonomically thoughtful features, and much more. Investing in the more expensive option should start to look obvious.

6. Uncommon

Companies that don’t care much about offering you quality items will focus on creating a lot of products, as mentioned earlier. This usually means you’re going to find these cheaply-made coolers anywhere.

That’s not the case with the more high-end options. These companies are usually very selective and don’t want to be associated with cheap big-box stores. You’ll probably only find these online or in specialty stores. If you want something rare, then this is your best bet.

7. Branding

If you care about branding and letting others know you have good taste, then an expensive option is the only way to go. Everybody knows the brands that make cheap cooling options for people.

If you don’t want to seem like the person who is cheap or stingy with money, then you shouldn’t be seen with a cheap brand. Those who care will probably be happier showing off a cooling box such as the Verge Cooler from Bevanda that you can be proud off. If you can’t be proud of your purchase, then there’s no point in buying it and showing off the branded product while out and about.

8. Lighter

For a long time, expensive cooling boxes were also heavier. That’s no longer the case. You can expect high-quality brands to create coolers that are high quality yet lighter.

Companies such as Bevanda are always trying to provide you with something you want and need. Most people want coolers to be effective but also easy to handle, which is the reason you’ll find lighter options. When you’re outdoors, you never know what kind of terrain you’re going to experience, so it’s best to have a cooler that won’t make your life harder because it’s too heavy, and the VERGE cooler is the perfect example of that. A lightweight cooler with integrates ice packs for the most functional use. 

Verge cooler with custom logo

9. Rotational Molding

High-end coolers are generally made through rotational molding. Other coolers are made using the blow-molding process, which is easy to do and rather inexpensive. It creates that chamber that helps keep your stuff cool. The problem is that it also creates an uneven product.

All the walls won’t be the same, and the corners won’t be as strong. This is the reason cheaper coolers don’t keep things cool as long as high-end coolers that use rotational molding. It’s an extra step that helps create an even chamber with stronger walls.

GC construction logo on Bevanda 110 qt rotomolded cooler

10. Innovation

Brands that want to give you quality are always looking for ways to push the envelope. Making lighter but effective cooler is one of the innovations expensive brands created, and they want to continue to make more.

Buying a more expensive cooling brand such as BEVANDA ends up supporting the company. This means you’re supporting innovation, and that’s a good thing for everyone interested in coolers. Doing this should make you feel pretty good about yourself.

You now have ten reasons to buy the more expensive option. You get a cooler made to a higher standards, made with higher quality material, coolers that are impact-resistant, better built, and save you money in the long run. For us and to all who care about saving money, Bevanda coolers are a no-brainer. 

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