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10 Uses for Stainless Steel Tumblers

bevanda custom 20 oz tumbler with logo

Every day, millions of people are using reusable stainless-steel tumblers and beverage cups to keep their coffee warm. But did you know that there are a multitude of other tumbler uses besides maintaining the perfectly heated temperature of your morning coffee? Let’s take a look at 10 other creative and useful ways you can utilize your stainless-steel tumbler right now.

1. Everyone knows your tumbler can keep drinks hot, but their double-wall construction is perfect for keeping a smoothie or shake frosty for hours, too. Whip up your morning goodness at home and enjoy your frozen blended drink for hours by keeping it super cold in your stainless-steel tumbler. It is so much easier to get in your healthy fruits and veggies when your smoothie is transportable and guaranteed to stay deliciously cold for a long time. Iced drinks will stay chilly longer in your tumbler as well, making it easier than ever to get in all the healthy water or tasty cool drinks you want to sip on.

2. Put your breakfast in it. Use your tumbler to keep your morning oatmeal toasty until you have time to nosh. There is not much worse than spooning up a taste of your breakfast oatmeal and finding out it has gone thick with cold, so keeping it in your double-walled tumbler is a great way to take advantage of the temperature maintaining properties of the stainless-steel construction.

3. Keep vital medicines cool. Use ice inside the tumbler to ensure that life-saving medicines like insulin never get too hot to be effective. You can use this trick at home, while traveling, or when transporting medicines. When traveling, this trick is especially effective when you need to carry medicines with you since you can put the tumbler in a car’s drink holder to make sure your essential medications are never out of sight or misplaced.

4. Insulate foods that might melt in the heat. One of the great stainless steel tumblers uses is to store chocolate bars or candy items inside to keep them safe from melting temperatures, like in your car. A handy tumbler will protect delicate chocolate from becoming a runny mess while also disguising your treat from stealthy friends that might want to snag it for themselves.

5. Use as a kid-friendly drink container. Stainless-steel tumblers are very durable, and while they might make a loud sound when crashing to the ground, kids generally can’t mess them up like traditional cups made of glass. Let your little one drink from this larger, safer alternative instead of investing in pricey sippy-cup style beverage holders. For older kids, using a tumbler that mom or dad usually get to use makes them feel special and they will appreciate the larger quantity and unique container it affords. They are easy to clean, too, making clean up a snap.

6. Keep your liquid foods hot longer. A creative stainless steel tumbler uses to take advantage of the cup’s ability to hold in heat or cold really well. No one likes lukewarm soup, and often there is not a cup or bowl that will retain the heat of a soup for very long. Pour really hot water into the tumbler to heat it up first. Then, remove the water and replace it with a hot soup for a long-lasting meal. You can transport it to the office easily or bring it with you in the car for food on the go. As a bonus, if your soup is a broth variety, you can even sip on it out of the cup without having to worry about spillage or holding a hot ceramic mug while enjoying your tasty meal.

7. Take advantage of the double-walled construction and attractive stainless steel by using it as a tall floral container. Filled with cool water, your flowers will stay fresh and look great without having to buy a vase you won’t use again. With their typically large size, a stainless-steel tumbler works perfectly for an oversized bouquet. A modern look with stainless steel, tumblers can look sleek and unexpectedly posh without the high price tag of a breakable vase.

8. Tumbler uses can also stretch to gift-giving. Many colleges and sports team logos can be found on stainless tumblers, providing a perfect vessel for a gift for friends or family. High school or college graduates love to sport their school’s mascot on just about everything, so a tumbler reflecting their future or past alma mater is a perfect way to show someone you are proud of them. Since tumblers can be further personalized with names or other logos, giving a tumbler as a gift is only limited to your own creativity.

9. Use your tumbler as a kitchen tool holder. With its attractive stainless-steel exterior, the tumbler is a perfect height and size to store commonly needed kitchen tools on your countertop. Instead of buying yet another container for the spatula, spoon, or whisk you use all the time, pull out your tumbler. Smartly store your kitchen utensils at your fingertips inside the tumbler instead of hidden away in a drawer.

10. Bring your own cup to some retailers to save money on your beverage of choice. Most people have heard of the $.10 discount at Starbucks for using your own container for coffee or tea, but did you know that a host of other stores also offer a discount all the time or on certain days? For about the same discount as Starbucks, you can use your own refillable tumbler (bring it clean and empty) to get a discounted beverage at Tim Horton’s, Au Bon Pain, Bigby Coffee, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Caribou Coffee, Dunkin’, Einstein’s, Gloria Jean’s, Panera, Peet’s, Philz, and Tim Horton’s. Of course, check with your local retailer for exact discounting and to make sure they are participating. Using your tumbler to save you money can add up over time, making your investment in this versatile container well worth it.

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