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10 uses of a rotomolded cooler

10 uses of a rotomolded cooler

Quality is vital when it comes to many different products. In the case of coolers, it can change the entire form of usage. These are ten rotomolded cooler uses.

1st use-case.

The first use is capable of saving lives. In the medical field, there are many situations where a patient may need an organ replacement to live. In some cases, these organs may be across the country. To safely transport, they need to be in a temperature-controlled secure container. These containers may need to be transported by plane, which could restrict the size of the container. Using this technology can keep things cold without taking too much space. A rotomolded cooler can keep items at a low temperature for up to multiple days and provides a durable encasing, which is ideal for organ transport.

2nd use-case.

The second use has been highlighted recently with the pandemic that has been spreading across the world. The vaccine produced maintained its shelf life at low temperatures. For some versions of the vaccine, they needed to be at subzero temperatures. For the transport of the vaccine, an enhanced cooler is ideal. The durability during transport and the ability to keep the contents at a lower temperature for an extended period is vital.

3rd use-case.

The third use is vital to our government and military while conducting specific operations. In Afghanistan, the conditions can be hot. There also is the issue of very rugged conditions and terrain. When taking food and water to different posts, it is almost always in a cooler. A rotomolded cooler can last longer in those conditions and require less maintenance or the need to refill with ice. They also hold up well to the addition of weapons and equipment in the vehicle used for transport.

4th use-case.

For the fourth use, in a similar fashion of and military operation. During the travel of exploration or extended hiking. There can be multiple situations involving questionable terrain. The unlimited potential for a wide range of conditions can affect the safety of the transport of some sensitive items like food or medicine, making it necessary to have equipment that is durable enough to serve its purpose. A rotomolded cooler can hold a constant temperature for extended periods, which is ideal for the ultimate journey. It is the cooler you should use when trekking across a jungle, and you’re not sure where the next point for food or water will be.

5th use-case.

The fifth use is for a less life-threatening situation. Some people want to enjoy nature but in a more civilized environment. When going on a camping trip, it’s good to have reliable storage for the basic things you may need. The ability to store meat or different food items for an extended period can make the trip more enjoyable and extend your visit. Also, having an additional cooler for the food; you may catch on the trip can add to the experience.

6th use-case.

The sixth use is for a completely different type of terrain and conditions. When traveling on a boat, you can be hours away from resources. When it comes to activities like fishing, you have to consider the storage of bait and where you can keep the fish that you catch. There also is the additional need for food and beverages. The longer the trip, the more of these things you will need. An enhanced cooler is for those long boat trips when you don’t want to worry about keeping things cold and secure.

7th use-case.

The seventh use is more efficient for businesses. In the restaurant industry, there is a constant need to store and transport food. For the farms or markets that provide these foods, the use of an enhanced cooler keeps the quality of the product they provide while it’s transported to the restraint. In some situations, the item may need to be stored before it is ready for transportation. There are many items like fish that need to be in the colder container for transport.

8th use-case.

The eight use is for a specific situation. There may be conditions where the items that need to be stored are in a location that is more accessible to animals or the elements. The rotomolding process increases the durability making it a good product for small outside long-term storage for people.

9th use-case.

The ninth use would be for conditions that have low availability of electrically or sources for temperature control. The ability of the rotomolded cooler to store an item and keep it cold for days before it needs replenishment of ice or any other cooling source can prove vital to the long-term need for refrigerated storage. The combination of its ability to withstand the elements makes it valuable in underdeveloped areas of the world. In some of these areas, it is easier to provide smaller coolers. The challenge of transporting and installing larger refrigeration units may be too challenging.

10th use-case.

The tenth use is another way that it helps a small business. Currently, there has been an increase in food delivery outside of fast food. In some cases, some restaurants have started to use these delivery services because of the limitations of the pandemic. The reduction of people served at a location increased the opportunity for people to have these same foods delivered to their homes. When transporting certain items for restaurants, it’s beneficial to keep those items cold or hot. There has also been the increased use of delivery services for grocery store items. The increase in the variety of items creates the opportunity to provide more secure storage. It is also a bonus to have the ability to keep cold products cold.

Some of these are vital rotomolded cooler uses. All of them are relatable to many different living conditions and environments. The importance of these uses is the demonstration of the quality of life enhancements that technology can provide. In some of these cases, it can be considered more cost-effective and the best temporary solution for a problem. Bevanda has three different sizes of rotomolded coolers to choose from, 50qt rotomolded cooler, 75qtrotomolded cooler, and 110qt rotomolded cooler.

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