40 oz. Reusable Insulated Sport Bottles – Vacuum Insulated

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Bevanda triple insulated 40 oz stainless steel bottles ate made from high-grade 18/8 stainless steel. The 40 oz bottles are a great option for people looking to keep their drinks hot or cold for a long period of time. Featuring triple insulation, an airtight seal, a no-leak design, and is built to take the daily abuse. Bevanda 40 oz bottles are the perfect companion for your daily use whether you are a contractor or not. Triple insulation keeps your drinks maintaining temperature longer than the competition ensuring you stay hydrated longer at your optimal temperature. 


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• Bevanda 40 oz stainless steel bottles are designed for the job. Engineered to fit your busy lifestyle and to be reliable and on the job site.

• Built with construction grade stainless steel and powder coating, your 40 oz bottles are easy to clean, BPA free, Triple insulated, and dishwasher safe

Custom 40 oz bottle with your business logo. Custom 40 oz bottles are perfect for contractors, customers, and employees as gifts or to show appreciation. Buy one bottle for yourself or many for your employees and customers. Be proud of your business and promote your business in front of your customers with custom stainless steel 40 oz bottles.


18/8 Stainless Steel

18/8 grade high-quality stainless steel is used in the bottles to ensure maximum durability and strength.​

Triple Vacuum Insulated

Our bottles are triple vacuum insulated for maximum temperature retention. Triple insulation helps temperature decrease gradually giving you longer temperature retention.​

Dishwasher Safe

Just put the bottle in the dishwasher and you are good to go. Stainless steel with a powdered coating provides a nonabsorbent barrier providing easy cleaning.

Construction Grade

Bevanda 40 oz bottles are tested on the construction site. Our bottles are loved by contractors everywhere. Try our bottles to see why. ​

Hot and Cold Liquids

Use our 40oz bottles for hot or cold liquids. Hot liquids stay hot for over 12 hours and cold liquids stay cold for over 24 hours. ​

Custom Bottle

Customize 40 oz bottles with your company logo and promote your business. Custom 40 oz bottles are a perfect gift for your employees and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

You cannot overstress the importance of hydration while on the job, and these insulated 40 oz bottles are the right fit for the toughest jobs. They contain the temperature of any beverage and are made specifically for contractors who want a sturdy option that will meet their long-term needs. They are capable of enduring a lot of external force which makes them ideal for unpredictable situations.


These bottles will surely get the job done and allow for cold drinks to be maintained for long periods of time without getting warm. This is because the materials are specially made to ensure that you are satiated throughout the entire shift. Contractors will benefit immensely from utilizing them because they can hold a lot of liquid which is necessary for proper hydration. The durable and sleek design is ideal for carrying to different job sites and maintaining a high level of continuity across different locations. The best part is that they will be durable for years to come!

These incredible 40 oz Bottles stainless steel bottles are made of the highest quality material for increased reliability for any contractor. They are reusable and create a sense of peace throughout each job instead of having to refill and waste precious time that could be spent on construction efficiency. You can even store hot beverages if the working conditions tend to get colder which is an impressive quality of versatility. They are leakproof which allows for the contractor to place them anywhere or even upside down wouldn’t have any liquid escape which is incredible.


An amazing feature of these Reusable Insulated stainless steel 40 oz Bottles is that you can effectively place your personal contractor logo on it to personalize the experience and make it official. This logo is professionally ingrained into the bottle which means that it will stay there for life no matter how many times it is washed. You will feel incredibly confident carrying around your new steel bottle with an amazing custom logo. These 40 oz Bottles stainless steel bottles will last you for years to come and have an aesthetic quality that matches the seriousness of your work and can be easily stored. It’s not too heavy and there’s nothing wrong with purchasing multiple ones for different beverages

These amazing Reusable Insulated stainless steel 40 oz Bottles can be technically used in any location, but they are most commonly used under construction conditions because of their durability. They are effective to compliment a cooler for lunch and are convenient for enjoying on the go for any trips between different sites. It is perfect for workers who travel a lot during the year and it can be used during lunch breaks at any critical moment when you’re feeling thirsty. Sometimes the need to hydrate can be spontaneous and difficult to address without the properly accessible bottle.


This model is the right choice for contractors who may need to sip conveniently on it throughout the shift for a steady stream of hydration. You can use them at a residence too instead of the workplace because they are easy to clean and can be used around the clock. They are made of durable steel for an affordable price that can keep your morning coffee hot or prevent ice from melting. The versatile functionality means that you can take it to many locations with ease but most choose to take it to the job for the perfect level of hydration

These bottles can be utilized by other people besides contractors because it is versatile and perfect for all applications. You could take them to a theme park if you don’t want to spend money on expensive drinks for consistent hydration. They can be taken to a restaurant to save money on drinks and preserve your home beverage. This bottle can be used in any location, but are especially advantageous at construction sites because it won’t break and serves workers with amazing functionality.


The common customer can use this product for everyday use. For instance, a runner on a trail will find that it is great for having maximum hydration for extended hiking or even biking. There are so many possibilities for this product and it is manufactured with the highest quality and consideration. If you take it on long trips then you’ll never have to worry about the car moving the liquid inside and leaking on your high-quality carpet. As mentioned earlier, they are most appropriately suited for contractors who need consistency in their work without worrying about dropping it and busting the integrity of it

Traditional steel bottles are usually made with different quality steel which may break in some instances. However, Bevanda 40oz bottles are professionally molded and made to last with durable results that are worth the price. Bevanda is also different from the other brands on the market that don’t offer customers an incredible personalized option. Reinforcing your brand on any bottle will give you unsuspected motivation to keep driving forward professional results with each sip. Most normal quality bottles will have surprising leaks that creep up after a few uses and this is especially apparent after it has been used for a while.


Durability and longevity are what sets this remarkable brand apart with results that are worth the increased price. You are making a wise investment that will pay dividends for the future with increasing efficiency and cold storage of your favorite beverages! This bottle was built with contractors in mind from start to finish to provide superior quality and performance in the toughest work environments. In contrast, traditional market options are made for the common consumer who will take them on a picnic or to normal locations with less industrial strength. Contractors can rest easy knowing they are getting a product that is tailor made for their purposes!



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