50 Quart Rotomolded Cooler | Built For The Toughest Of Jobs

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Bevanda 50 Qt Roto-molded coolers are the toughest roto-molded coolers you can buy. Built with high-grade impact-resistant plastic, stainless steel hinges, and heavy-duty nylon straps. These 50 Qt Roto-molded coolers will last you a lifetime. Perfect and ready to take on the tough beating at your construction site or just a casual get-together. Bevanda 50 qt coolers are built to get the job done. Get one today with or without customization.


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  • Bevanda 50 quart roto-molded coolers are built using rotational molding technology with a hard shell design. Construction grade, Impact-resistant, thermally insulated coolers with or without custom. 

  • Customize the Bevanda 50 Qt Rotomolded coolers with your business logo. The perfect cooler for a company to give away as a gift for your employees and customers.
  • Built with construction work in mind, Bevanda 50 qt rotomolded coolers are tough and ready to take on the harsh conditions of the job site. Hard shell design also allows for the cooler to be used as a seat or a stand for recreational purposes.


Thermal Insulated

High-grade pressure injected thermal insulation blocks the external temperature from entering the cooler and helps with the slow discharge of ice to maintain temperature longer.

Impact Resistant

Bevanda Rotomolded coolers are impact-resistant and tested by contractors. Yeah, they are tougher than a bear.

Construction Grade

Bevanda 50 Qt coolers are tested and trusted by contractors everywhere. Bevanda rotomolded coolers are the standard coolers for contractors everywhere.

Easy Flow Drain

Easy flow drain allows the cooler to drain the liquid faster, easier, and at a consistent rate.

3 Inch Walls

Bevanda 50 qt coolers have up to 3 inches of insulation. High-density insulation traps the cold air in and prevents the air from escaping increasing temperature retention.

Custom Coolers

Customize a Bevanda 50 qt cooler with your company logo, use custom coolers for promotion, for your employees, or as gifts for your customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Custom rotomolded coolers are a special type of product. They are designed to provide value in certain specific settings. The key description of this model is a cooler that is as close to indestructible as possible. In other words, it is the cooler for the person or company that needs total safety for their items that are kept on ice.


We have gone to great lengths to manufacture a cooler that stands out from the competition. It comes with a side handle that offers ease of transportation. The product is not heavy. You can take it with you on a hike, camping, or simply out to your backyard for a BBQ.


Of course, it is designed for regular and daily use by workers involved in construction. They need a cooler to take to work every day that meets the stringent needs of their employment.

Rotomolded coolers are tough storage vessels that come in three colors: charcoal, tan, and white. It weighs 29 pounds and is easy to transport. Non-slip feet keep the cooler in place. You do not have to worry about it tipping over and spilling the contents.


Custom rotomolded coolers are scratch and dent-proof. The latches are sturdy. They will not come open. Animals are not able to open the cooler if you are in a work locale where there are intruders. The cooler can remain on a worksite without anyone have to worry about something happening to the cooler.

Any contractor who desires to keep beverages and food products cold all day long need one or more 50 qt rotomolded coolers. It will keep ice frozen for several days. No need to have to spend time tracking done ice to keep food and drink cold. No worries that workers will have warm drinks.


All items placed in the cooler will stay at a constant temperature on the job site. There will be no leaks that lead to a warm lunch.

We have covered the main points that answer this question. In summary, you have a cooler that is extremely difficult to damage or even scratch. It is made from the finest materials. The dimensions show how much food and beverage can be carried. It stays shut in an air-tight state with top-of-the-line latches. Finally, its special ability to keep ice cold seals the deal. The 50 qt rotomolded cooler by Bevanda gets the job done better.

The primary place where you can use this cooler is a construction job site. All of the features and specifications are designed to meet the needs of this location. The size, the amount of space, the ability to take abuse and not be damaged, and, of course, the construction which allows ice to remain frozen for long periods of time.


Custom rotomolded coolers are scratch and dent-proof. The latches are sturdy. They will not come open. Animals are not able to open the cooler if you are in a work locale where there are intruders. The cooler can remain on a worksite without anyone have to worry about something happening to the cooler.

The outside dimension of the 50 qt cooler is 16 1/4 inches tall. When measured across, the width totals 26 1/2 inches at the bottom. The top is slightly wider. It is 27 3/4 inches.


The interior dimensions are naturally shorter. The width is 22 3/8 inches. A measurement from front to back yields 12 3/4 inches. The final tally is the depth of the rotomolded cooler. That figure is 11 5/8 inches deep.


Other specifications beyond the dimensions involve the integrity and construction of the cooler. It is thermal insulated. This key factor allows the contents to remain fresh and unharmed by any outside factors.


Besides thermal insulation, the product has an air-tight seal. Thermal insulation only works if the outside air is kept out of the cooler. Once again, this rotomolded cooler rises to the occasion.


Another key point of this product offered by Bevanda is cold technology. As previously mentioned, this is one of the most advanced parts of the cooler. The inside is super cool. This specification is grounds alone to justify the purchase of the 50 qt rotomolded cooler.


Coolers take a beating. Bevanda has addressed this problem with a scratch-resistant product. Your cooler will retain its new look long after it has been used on a job site or any other location where a cooler gets roughed up.


The inside of the cooler is easy to clean. Just wipe down the lining, and it looks good as new. No more scrubbing or permanent stains that line many other coolers. Also, enjoy the non-toxic, eco-friendly items that are a part and parcel of this 50 qt rotomolded cooler.

Any locale that is similar to a construction site. Put the cooler in the back of a off-road vehicle or heavy-duty truck. The 50 qt rotomolded coolers are built to withstand rough circumstances and lack of attention. The owner does have to be careful or change their activities to accommodate the cooler.


Those heavy duty latches will keep the cooler safe and secure. If you accidentally drop the rotomolded cooler, you can rest assure that it will not be damaged. You will not even know it had been bounced off the ground.

The major factor that stands out for the 50 qt rotomolded cooler by Bevanda is the ability to keep ice in its frozen state for a longer period of time than other coolers. All of the other features and specifications are impressive and important. In the long run, a cooler is measured by its ability to keep food and beverages cold. Bevanda’s cooler does that and holds the cold over the long haul.