75 Quart Rotomolded Cooler | Built For The Toughest Of Jobs

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Bevanda 75 Qt Roto-molded coolers are the toughest roto-molded coolers you can buy. Built with high-grade impact-resistant plastic, stainless steel hinges, and heavy-duty nylon straps. These 75 Qt Roto-molded leak-proof coolers will last you a lifetime. Perfect and ready to take on the tough beating at your construction site or just a casual get-together. Bevanda 75 qt coolers are built to get the job done. Get one today with or without customization. 


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  • Bevanda 75 quart roto-molded coolers are built using rotational molding technology with a hard shell design. Construction grade, Impact-resistant, thermally insulated coolers with or without custom. 
  • Customize the Bevanda 75 Qt Rotomolded coolers with your business logo. The perfect cooler for a company to give away as a gift for your employees and customers. 
  • Built with construction work in mind, Bevanda 75 qt rotomolded coolers are tough and ready to take on the harsh conditions of the job site. Hardshell design also allows for the cooler to be used as a seat or a stand for recreational purposes.


Thermal Insulated

High-grade pressure injected thermal insulation blocks the external temperature from entering the cooler and helps with the slow discharge of ice to maintain temperature longer.

Impact Resistant

Bevanda Rotomolded coolers are impact-resistant and tested by contractors. Yeah, they are tougher than a bear.

Construction Grade

Bevanda 50 Qt coolers are tested and trusted by contractors everywhere. Bevanda rotomolded coolers are the standard coolers for contractors everywhere.

Easy Flow Drain

Easy flow drain allows the cooler to drain the liquid faster, easier, and at a consistent rate.

3 Inch Walls

Bevanda 50 qt coolers have up to 3 inches of insulation. High-density insulation traps the cold air in and prevents the air from escaping increasing temperature retention.

Custom Coolers

Customize a Bevanda 50 qt cooler with your company logo, use custom coolers for promotion, for your employees, or as gifts for your customers.


Bevanda 75 qt rotomolded cooler dimensions
Bevanda 75 qt rotomolded cooler dimensions side view
Bevanda 75 qt rotomolded cooler dimensions open view

Frequently Asked Questions

Bevanda’s 75 qt rotomolded coolers are not just any standard coolers on the market today and are catered towards contractors who must endure long days of work and need extensive access to cool beverages or plain ice for days. That’s right, this amazing cooler will keep ice cool for over 24 hour periods which is a remarkable feat that makes this product stand out significantly! It is constructed with a double-thick wall and a highly durable exterior to make transportation hazard-free.


No surprise leaks will occur with this high-quality cooler because it’s designed to endure even the harshest work conditions. It is ideal for transporting to any job site to store refreshments, food, or anything that make require the use of ice in a professional application. Here we will expound upon the various qualities that make this cooler built to last, and it will inevitably pay for itself. The price is high, but you definitely get what you paid for with one of the best coolers in the world with the prestigious quality many have come to expect from Bevanda!

The 75 qt rotomolded coolers come in three convenient and stylish options to complement any work environment. You can select them in either charcoal, tan, or white depending on individual preferences. The weight is an impressive 35 pounds which indicates that this cooler isn’t messing around. It is highly durable but not unmanageable, making it ideal across multiple applications. The cooler wall is 2 inches thick and can keep ice frozen for days. Rotomolded coolers are known for having a long life and are specially armored which renders them virtually indestructible. This is important if it will be transported to hazardous environments. The last thing you want is for a cooler to slip all over the place if you’re washing down a workplace. This cooler will stay grounded with an added non-slip feature at the feet for increased safety. It includes a freezer-grade gasket and heavy-duty latches to ensure that the cold stays in.


This is what makes it possible to effectively trap the cold and keep ice for long periods of time. It is thermally insulated and even scratch-resistant. You could probably knock it a few times with a hammer and would do more damage to the tool than the cooler. These rotomolded coolers are tough but also very easy to clean after a long day of work for your convenience. The materials are entirely eco-friendly made with non-toxic substances for purity across beverages and no anxiety. These custom 75 qt rotomolded coolers feature an air-tight seal that traps the cold better than any traditional cooler. Its capacity for cold storage transcends reality and will have you wondering if the ice will ever melt when using it. It seems to bend the laws of nature and fits the price tag by meeting customer expectations.

It’s no secret that construction sites can get very hot when working on the pavement and around heavy machinery. A traditional cooler means that the cold temperature is drastically affected by the sun and therefore melts the ice almost immediately. This means going to get more ice on a constant basis which serves as a distraction from daily work. Instead, implement the custom 75 qt rotomolded coolers on the job for the whole crew to have a reliable source of ice to cool off. The high-grade seal comes into play here and allows you to have a cooler that is higher than the standard picnic cooler. And heavy construction work isn’t any picnic, to begin with, so you need a cooler that matches the job. It requires a heavy-duty product to meet the needs of a large crew baking in the sun all day. This product will exceed expectations and keep ice alive for days on end.

Extended use with the custom rotomolded coolers is a given when you invest in a higher quality cooler for a profoundly difficult construction job. Any construction crew deserves the best and this means not fiddling with refilling ice all the time to keep up with hydration and cooling needs. Prolonged use of this cooler is a guarantee from Bevanda as they strive to over-deliver in the quality of each particular product from the start of each workday till the close.


The design of the cooler itself even looks like it belongs in a professional environment, and not at a little league baseball game. It is clearly built tough for enduring situations where it would otherwise break if it was a normal cooler. But because it is industrial strength it eliminates the anxiety and inconvenience of buying multiple coolers over the course of time. This definitely adds up quickly when you’re continually purchasing new coolers and ice all day long. Some crews are accustomed to this routine, but this cooler allows them to break free from that and be more bring more efficiency to the site.

Of all the products on the market today, this cooler is of supreme quality that is unmatched. It is paired well with those seeking for prolonged preservation of cold beverages to hydrate the system during extensive difficult working conditions. This is imperative in the hot sun and will help reduce instances of heatstroke and dehydration. Custom rotomolded coolers are designed for hard jobs that require extended periods of cooling that will make you question reality and what is possible from the modern age. They are meticulously designed to accommodate even the most hazardous conditions where they might get knocked over or scratched. This endurance is a must when handling work equipment because things can get pretty hectic on the job. Never worry about damage or loss of cooler integrity again with this amazing option that holds a tremendous amount of ice for optimal functionality. The ergonomic design will ensure a long life that will last for years to come!