Verge Cooler WIth Magnetic Ice Packs

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The Best Beer Cooler- Bevanda Verge Cooler

After some strenuous activity or catching up with friends at a party, a bottle of cold beer brings that refreshing effect. For the bottles of beer to be in check, a cooler is essential. An avid cooler maintains its purported title by the ability to retain ice for long hours.

No doubt, there is a myriad of factors that spark upon the mention of the ice retention capability of a cooler. The make of your cooler and the thickness of the insulation wall doesn’t matter. An ice pack plays a requisite role in maintaining the solid state of the ice for days. So, paying some extra bucks for the best ice packs for a cooler does no harm. To save you the headache of grabbing the best ice packs for coolers, read along and discover the gem plus its reviews. It’s a cooler with reusable ice packs which, over and again, can be reused. In addition, the fact that they are non-toxic is heartwarming.

What is the difference between a cooler and an ice chest?

Since both will keep contents cool, there’s some slight difference between a cooler and an ice chest.

A beer ice chest cooler is an insulated box with ice packs or sometimes freezer packs to keep contents cold while on an adventure, camping, or picnicking. A beer cooler can keep your beer cold for several days.

Contrary, the beer ice chest is a chilled box that keeps its contents cold—a beer ice chest keeps the beverage cold for a few hours.

How long should you ice beer before a party?

If you plan for a party, your visitors would be thrilled if you offered some iced beer. To ensure your guests’ thirst stays quenched, fill a big cooler with bottles of beer. While there’s not more than that, there are more straightforward ways of ensuring the drinks are cold.

The least effective way is placing the bottles on a big mound of ice. That way, they won’t get thoroughly chilled. You also don’t want to bury them in the ice; people’s hands will freeze when trying to dig through the pile to grab a bottle.

The most efficient way is to fill the cooler with an 80/20 combination of ice and water. Then, place the bottles in a way that the body of the bottle sits on the ice, with the necks sticking out.

If you are in haste to chill your beer, gently, very gently, whirl the bottles around after a few minutes continually; this distributes the already chilled liquid throughout the vessel.

The whole process takes less than an hour before the onset of a party.

Verge Cooler WIth Magnetic Ice Packs
Verge 20 quart cooler- Bevanda

What is the best beer cooler?-Bevanda Verge Cooler

To determine the prowess of a cooler, it should have the ability to keep its contents cold for long hours. With the Bevanda Verge Cooler, you can never go wrong. The Bevanda cooler employs a unique hyperloc system that quickly attaches the Polar Walls Ice Packs to the inner walls of the Verge. Merging a combination of Coolboost Insulated Foam, Polar Walls, and formulated Tura Gel, the Verge fosters a maximum cooling environment that keeps your food and beverages cool for 24 hours or even longer!

Verge Outside Dimensions

From the front view, the Verge cooler measures 155/8 inches at the base, 13½ high without raising the handle, 175/8 with the handle presented, and 16 inches top from end to end with the lid. From a side view, Verge cooler measures 11 inches at the base, 121/8 with the handle at rest, and 11½ inches from one end of the lid to the other.

Inside Dimensions

The more prominent type measures 13 ½ inches long, 9 inches wide, and 10¼ inches deep- while the smaller version of the cooler measures 11½ inches wide, 7 inches wide, and 10¼ inches deep.

The technology used to manufacture the Bevanda cooler is top-notch. This means that the cooler gives you value for your money and serves its best purpose.

How many bottles of beer can an ice chest hold?

The number of beer bottles that a beer ice chest holds is relative to the size and capacity of the ice chest. Most ice chests, however, support a smaller number of bottles, less than twenty or so. However, depending on the ice chest size, this will mean that you do not leave any room for ice if you want to utilize the ice chest at its maximum.

How to Cool Beer Without Ice

• When the weather is hot, you’d love your beer cold. What if you don’t have any ice at your disposal? Or what if you do but dislike how it waters down your beer? Don’t worry; here’s a hack to keep your beer cold without ice.

• If you are near a water body, take advantage. Carefully wrap the beer in a towel and submerge it in the water. The towel accelerates the cooling process. Be sure to keep hold of the bottle lest it gets carried away. Hold the bottle in the water for about ten minutes to give it ample time to cool.

• If you are relaxing at home, fill a bucket with water and dunk the beer bottles. Also, you can run cold tap water over the beer bottles for around five minutes- be sure to prevent any water wastage.

• Stainless steel ice cubes come in handy too. They never water down your beer. The cubes mimic the same technology used to make dental or medical equipment. After use, wash them and return them to the freezer.

• Freeze your glasses. Toss your drinking glasses in the freezer for about thirty minutes. They will attract a cold misty appearance that will instantly cool your beer after you pour it in.

• Also, you can use an ice-less beer cooler or an ice-less beer cooler chest to store a couple of beer bottles, especially if you will be out for a short time. An ice-less beer cooler chest will keep your beer cold for approximately five hours. Endowed with closed-cell foam insulation, an ice-less beer cooler keeps your beer cold without ice or ice sheets.

How to Cool A Bottle of Beer Super-Fast

If you would love to cool your beer fast, we got you. Here are tricks to chill beer quickly. Some tips will take you less than thirty seconds.

1. Salt, Water and Ice

Salt decreases the freezing point of water, making the ice melt slowly. First, fill a bucket with water. Add the beer bottles to the bucket of water and sprinkle a generous amount of salt on the beer and ice. In about fifteen minutes, the process will be complete, and you can enjoy your chilled beer.

2. Ice, Water and a Bowl

Here’s another quick fix to chill your beer.

In a large bowl, place your warm beer bottle. Fill the bowl with ice and water. Using your hands, mix the beer in the ice water. The continuous movement decreases the temperature of the water and chills your beer.

In twenty minutes, your chilled beer will be ready to be enjoyed.

3. Freezing

Jerking your warm beer in the freezer is the most common hack to chill your beer. However, be sure to set a timer to avoid breakage of the beer bottle.

• Place your beer in the freezer

• Set the timer to twenty minutes to avoid forgetting to take it out.

• Later, pop the bottles and enjoy.

How many beers does a 20 qt beer cooler hold?

Mostly, a 20-quart beer cooler doubles what the 9-quart cooler does. When empty, the 20 qt beer cooler can accommodate up to 14 impressive cans. Moreover, many 20-quart coolers are tall. The additional height creates space for chilling 2-liter bottles in a standing position.

What temperature should beer be set at?

No one loves their beer that is warm or excessively cold. Within a couple of months of purchase, you should clear up your beer stock. It would therefore be reasonable to store them at a ready-to-serve temperature. Most beers are kept between 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, while the stronger beers are at 55 to 60 degrees.

Why Is Bevanda Verge Cooler the Best Cooler in the Market?

1) Cold Technology. The specialized technology used in manufacturing the cooler keeps contents ice-cold for a couple of days.

2) Scratch Resistant. The Verge cooler boasts virtually indestructible technology that makes it resistant to any scratches.

3) Easy to Clean. Carefully made with a smooth and durable lining, the Verge cooler is effortless to clean and wipe down in case of any spills.

4) Thermal Insulation. The high insulation technology used in the manufacture of the cooler keeps your foods and beverages protected from the cooler’s elements.

5) Air Tight Seal. Manufactured with a very air-tight seal, the Verge ensures that all the temperatures in the cooler are efficiently regulated.

6) Environmental-Friendly and BPA Free. The materials that make the product are non-toxic and ecologically friendly. Not only is your health a priority, but the environment is put into consideration too.

The Bevanda Verge Cooler is the perfect substitute if you want to do away with the endless mess created by the regular ice cubes. The Verge has ice packs that are a savior to all the typical ice cube problems. You are sure of your contents remaining cold even in summer since the ice retention capability is high.

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