Rotomolded Coolers

Every construction site needs a rotomolded cooler. On long hot days, you will be glad that you have a rotomolded cooler with a bag of ice to keep your food and drinks cold and fresh all day long. It gets even better with a custom logo on the cooler promoting your business at all times.


The perfect day coolers and lunch box for your construction business. Make sure your employees are taken care of by giving them a personalized cooler with your business logo. A custom cooler with your business logo gives your employees a company to be proud to work for and you get to promote your business with your customers.

Custom and Personalized Coolers

Choose between Rotomolded Cooler or an Injection molded cooler for your next custom cooler.

Frequently asked questions

A custom cooler is either a rotomolded or injection molded cooler that can be customized and personalized based on a customer’s needs. For example, if a business is looking to give gifts for their employees as gifts or gifts for their customers. We can customize and personalize our coolers to your business needs.

The different types of custom coolers are the rotomolded cooler and the injection-molded cooler. The rotomolded cooler is a cooler that is made out of one solid piece of plastic. The injection-molded cooler is a cooler that is made out of two pieces, the top, and bottom, and then glued together. Depending on your specific needs and the situations you will be using the coolers in you can choose either the rotomolded cooler or the injection molded cooler.

Custom coolers and personalized coolers are similar but not the same. Custom coolers are referred to any coolers that are customized. This includes adding a logo of a business name. A personalized cooler on the other hand refers to adding individual names on a cooler. For instance, if you are gifting a cooler to your employees, then you would customize it with your business name and logo, and also add the name of your employees for personalization.

Custom coolers are either an injection-molded cooler or a rotomolded cooler which are printed and customized. Custom coolers go through a 7 step process before being shipped to the customer.

  1. All of the coolers are heat-treated to make the surface of the cooler more flexible and ready to absorb the ink when printing.
  2. The surface of the cooler is then primed to remove dirt and add a bonding agent to the top of the cooler.
  3. The coolers are then wiped thoroughly to remove any access dirt.
  4. Bonding agents are added to the printing area for the ink to bond properly.
  5. The cooler is then placed in housing where a print head moved back and forth applying the ink to the printer.
  6. UV light is run after the printer to dry the ink on the cooler.
  7. A layer of varnish or the clear coat is then applied to the print area to finish the printing and bonding process.

Now the coolers are ready to be shipped to customers across the United States.

A custom cooler takes about 3 to 5 minutes to print after the artwork has been processed. Customers can expect the cooler to arrive within a week after the printing has been completed.

You can expect the print on the cooler to last anywhere from 5 to 7 years depending on your use. If the coolers are used properly, then the warranty on the print can last up to 7 years.

The colors for our custom coolers are white, tan, and charcoal color. You can customize and personalize your cooler with your specific business needs and requirements. One many of one color or mix and match colors when customizing large quantities of cooler.

Ordering a custom cooler is easy. Visit and choose any cooler you would like to customize. Add your logo and text to complete the order and your coolers will arrive within 7 to 14 days.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to custom coolers. That is why we offer four different sizes for customization. Our custom cooler sizes range from 20 qt cooler, 50 qt cooler, 75 qt cooler and 110 qt cooler.

There are many benefits to using our custom coolers for your business. For one, they are great promotional products that will put your company name in front of potential customers every day.

Another benefit is that you can personalize your coolers with your logo or with a special message that means something to you or your employees, which is always nice. Of course, these are only some of the benefits of personalized coolers from Bevanda. Whatever type of cooler you’re looking for and whatever unique idea you have in mind, we’ll make it happen with our custom coolers.

No, Our custom coolers have no minimum. You can order just one cooler or get a batch of 100. The options are endless.

Bevanda 110 qt custom cooler comes with wheels for easy use and easy maneuverability.

Custom coolers are made with high-grade materials, so they’re tough and long-lasting. Custom coolers come in four different sizes: 20 quart, 50 quart, 75 quart, and 110 quart. Our custom coolers also have a lifetime warranty on the inner liner which means you can use your custom cooler over and over again.

You can customize an on One you select a cooler you like with the color you want to customize. Click on the customize button and start adding your design. We recommend files that are vector, pdf, or ai. These files will give the best quality print.

After the logo has been added, you can choose to add text to the cooler. Once all of the customizations has been completed, you can add the item to cart and checkout.

Bevanda’s custom designer lets you design any of our injection molded and rotomolded coolers to your needs. You can choose to put your company’s logo on it, or any other design you would like. We also offer the ability to personalize each cooler with a name or message of your choice. If you are looking for a specific size that we do not carry, please reach out to our team and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Yes, all of the custom coolers are insulated. Bevanda used our own cooler for printing ensuring quality and consistency on all prints.

Injection-molded coolers can be printed on both sides but a rotomolded cooler can not be printed on both sides. One size of injection-molded comes with standard customization, if additional sides need to be printed, then additional printing fees may be applied at the checkout.

On our 20 qt cooler, you can customize and personalize both the front and the top of the cooler. Most customers like to put the logo on the front and their employee name on the top of the cooler for easy reference. The 20 qt cooler is a perfect option for custom portable coolers.

Then we have our lineup of rotomolded coolers. All of our rotomolded coolers can only be customized on the lid of the cooler. You can choose to only put your business logo on the cooler or you can also add personalization to the lid of the cooler.

Custom coolers have several benefits when compared to regular coolers. First, you can customize the cooler with your business logo to show off your company colors and make it more unique. Second, you could personalize each cooler with a name or other message that is important to your employees or customers. Finally, custom coolers are great promotional products that will put your company into potential customers’ hands every day.

As marketing costs rise on a daily basis, having tangible items that promote your business on the daily business can pay dividends in the long run. The most effective marketing is still word of mouth and when others see your customers and employees carrying custom coolers with your business logo, you are sure to get an easy referral.

There are 2 types of coolers, Injection molded cooler and rotomolded coolers. Injection-molded coolers are usually light and used for light-duty purposes. Rotomolded coolers on the other hand are heavy and used for heavy-duty purposes. If you are using coolers for lunch, then you will be better off using an injection-molded cooler like the 20 qt verge cooler because they are light and portable. If on the other hand, you are using a cooler for camping or a job site then you will be better of using the rotomolded cooler such as the 50 qt rotomolded cooler, 75 qt rotomolded cooler, and 110 qt rotomolded cooler for the maximum capacity and strength.

Custom coolers and personalized coolers are similar but different. Custom coolers refer to coolers that are customized in large quantities such as a company employee gift with their logo. Large quantities of coolers can be customized and printer with minimal effort leading to a lower price. A personalized cooler on the other hand also had the element of a custom cooler in that the coolers are customized to the customers liking with an additional option such as the name of the employee or customer printed on the cooler. Since every individual has a different name, each personalized cooler has to be done individually when increases the cost of the cooler slightly.

Yes, Bevanda’s 110 qt rotomolded coolers have wheels for easy use and easy transportation. Since the 110 qt cooler is large and heavy, they come with built-in wheels to make it easier to take the cooler where ever you want. The wheels are made out of industrial-grade plastic which helps it withstand the large load and impacts when dragging it up and downstairs.

Custom rotomolded coolers cost significantly higher when compared to custom injection molded coolers because of the size, material cost, and durability. When compared to a comparable injection molded cooler, a rotomolded cooler is much stronger and the material cost for a rotomolded cooler is also higher.

You can use custom coolers for many occasions. whether you are buying a cooler for your customer, employees, yourself, a camping trip, hunting, or for cold storage purposes. A cooler with your name or logo makes it more personal and professional. So, you can use a personalized cooler for professional or recreational purposes.

You can buy our custom coolers in a single order or buy them in large quantities. We have the capability to print just one custom cooler or quantities of over 1000 custom coolers.

No, we do not have any setup fees or minimums for our custom and personalized coolers. Buy one or many without worrying about spending more money on setup fees or minimum orders.