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Hunting Cooler Guide

You landed here because you are looking forward to hunting and want a cooler which can hold your game meat and drinks when you are going hunting. Bevanda coolers and specifically the rotomolded coolers offered by Bevanda are the perfect solutions. 

Hunting Cooler Bevanda

What is Hunting Cooler

Hunting coolers are rotomolded coolers or any tough coolers that are used for hunting. Hunting coolers or hunting ice chest is built using rotomolded construction. Hunting coolers feature specialized internal compartments, which can store ice longer. The inner cooler compartments ensure your drinks and meat stay cool for an extended duration. Traditional cooler often comes in different size variations to suit the needs of users. You may also have to choose a cooler based on qualities such as portability, longevity, and ease of use.

What Are Hunting Coolers Used For

Whether you are hunting big game or small game, Bevanda rotomolded coolers are perfect for you. Bevanda offers three sizes for hunting, from 50 qt rotomolded cooler, 75 qt rotomolded, and our biggest 110 qt rotomolded cooler. 

  • Meat and games of all sized can be stored in Bevanda rotomolded coolers.
  • You can put ice and meat in the rotomolded cooler for extended period.

What Cooler to Use for Hunting – Rotomolded Cooler

While there are many cooler brands out there, Bevanda Rotomolded Cooler stands out due to various reasons. The term rotomolding refers to a specialized technique for creating heavy-duty and high-quality plastic. Rotomolding in full refers to rotational molding, which is the process involved in creating customized plastic. The process is superior and guarantees improved cooling functionalities. You will enjoy the following benefits from a rotomolded cooler:

  • Improved longevity because the plastic material is durable.
  • Improved cooling times than the traditional cooler because the rotomolded material maintains cold temperatures.
  • Improved portability because the rotomolded material is durable without adding any unnecessary weight to the cooler.

Best Coolers to Use When Hunting

You have many product category options when it comes to choosing the best coolers when hunting. Here are a few helpful suggestions to keep in mind:

  • The cooling times the unit can provide without you having to get replacement ice packages.
  • The ergonomics of the cooler. The unit should have a reasonable weight and comfortable handles for portability.
  • The durability of the cooler refers to the material quality and structure of your chosen unit.

Who Should Use Hunting Coolers

While such cooling solutions are suitable for going outdoors to kill wild game, they can also be ideal for various other applications. These are dynamic resources, and it’s easy to make the most out of them when you want to keep your items cold.

Such cooling solutions are also suitable for picnics, get-togethers, and any other event where you need cold beverages. However, various other factors might come into play for activities where you have several people with you. Factors such as size and cooling functions will be crucial.

When Should You Use a Hunting Cooler

You can use such cooling solutions when you want to keep your favorite beverages cold. However, you have to remember that the key to using a cooler is to maintain best practices. For instance, never use any hard surfaces or material to clean the interior sections of the cooler as they tend to be delicate. You can also use such cooling solutions to store food products such as a wild game. However, you may not be able to keep large portions of the wild game an entire deer, but merely parts of the animal. You can also use such cooler to store several fish, which depends mainly on the size of the cooler you prefer. You also have to put the ice into the compartments in your cooler at the right time. Doing this will help improve the amount of time that the cooler will keep your beverages cold.

How to Use Hunting Coolers

Using such cooling solutions is easy, and here are the steps involved:

  • Get your cooler and clean the insides using a clean cloth.
  • Then, put as much ice as you want inside the cooler.
  • Next, place your meat in the cooler for storage and transportation.
  • Close it as fast as possible, and ensure that you secure all latches to the cooler.

What Are the Three Hunting Cooler Sizes- 50 Qt, 75 Qt, and 110 Qt

Bevanda offers three coolers for the hunting community. From 50 qt cooler to 75 qt cooler and 110 qt cooler. Each indicates a successive level of space, which makes them suitable for different applications. The 50 Qt cooler would be ideal for storing small hunting meat and small fish. While the 50qt cooler is small, it’s easy to carry around. The 75 Qt cooler is the standard, medium-sized design, and it can store more than the 50qt version. However, expect this cooler to be heavier and not suitable for portability over long distances. The biggest version in this series would be the 110qt cooler. The sheer size of this cooler makes it perfect for storing your beverages and large even game meat. The 110 qt cooler also has wheels for easy maneuverability. However, you might have an extra pair of hands to carry it around from car, house, or even to the hunting yard. That is why we recommend that you always go coolers with ergonomic handles.

Why Bevanda’s Line Of Rotomolded Coolers Are the Best Hunting Coolers

The Bevanda Rotomolded coolers are your ideal solution for various reasons. These can include the following aspects:

  • The material construction means that you have to go for a unit with a heavy-duty structure and design for longevity.
  • The diversity in sizes of such cooling solutions gives you more choice into the possible options you can use for beverage or food storage needs.
  • Bevanda is reputable and provides customer support to any questions or even cooler maintenance needs.

While there are several options in the market. Bevanda rotomolded cooler offers three sizes ranging from 50 qt rotomolded cooler, 75 qt rotomolded cooler, and 110 qt rotomolded cooler. Bevanda coolers have heavy-duty structures and are available in many different sizes to suit your needs. Visit for more information.

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