Ships Early December


The Verge™, Bevanda’s® new day cooler uses a unique hyperloc™ system to quickly attach the Polar Walls™ to the inside walls of the Verge™. Using a combination of the Polar Walls™, Coolboost™ Insulated Foam & our formulated Tura™ Gel, the Verge™ creates an optimal cooling environment keeping your contents cool for up to 12 hours and longer!

The hyperloc™ system is a magnetic fastening system used to fasten the Polar Walls™ to the inside of the Verge™. This system is also used in the lid to quickly open and to provide a secure closure.

The Polar Walls™ included with the Verge™ are filled with our formulated Tura™ Gel that delivers up to 12 hours of sustained cooling. Just attach the walls and go to be assured your contents will remain fresh all day long.


• Hyperloc™ system
– easily attach Polar Walls™ to the inside of the Verge™.
• Hyperloc™ system
– easily open and close the lid without a latch.
• Coolboost Insulation
– Insulated walls keep your content cool for hours.
• Customizable printable areas for your companies logo. • Includes the a tray to store your items such as a wallet and keys.


• Ice packs won’t slide around
• No more mess from ice melting
• No more soggy food
• Easy clean up
• Easy non-slip grip for carrying
• Foot pads for protection
• Stainless Steel handle
• Each Verge™ includes 4 Polar Walls™ & a tray.

Coolboost™ is a high grade density insulated foam that’s placed inside the walls of the Verge™ to provide an optimal sustained cooling temperature to keep your contents fresh for hours on end.

The Verge’s™ Sizing & Dimensions

Customizing & Personalization

Bevanda world class printers delivers an exceptional print that lasts and won’t peal. Add your logo, artwork or personalize the Verge™ to any of the following areas shown below.

delivers up to 12 HOURS 
or longer of sustained optimal cooling.