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Re-freezable reusable ice packs for Verge Cooler


Bevanda has combined the cooler and the re-freezable, reusable cooler ice packs into one product known as VERGE Cooler. The cooler ice is known by the name Polar Walls, another trademark owned by the enterprise. Verge cooler and the Polar Walls that slip inside the cooler. An additional feature is the hyper-loc. It is the system that allows the Polar Walls to easily attach to the walls of the Verge. Think of it as magnets that secure the Polar Walls. As the name implies, it keeps the Polar Walls attached when you carry and handle the Verge.

Two other features team with the Polar Walls for ultimate cooling. They are the Coolboost Insulated Foam and Tura Gel. They are all part of the way the reusable cooler ice works. Combine these features with an air-tight seal and a cool and steady environment exists.


Ice has been and continues to be, a traditional method of keeping beverages cold. It is sold in bags at stores for the purpose of use with a cooler. It does have limitations. For example, no matter what a person does, eventually, it will melt. As it melts problems occur with draining the cooler and dealing with cold water.

An additional concern with ice is availability. This is true especially on holiday weekends like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. It is difficult to stockpile ice unless you have a large freezer with plenty of empty space. It can be difficult to find ice as everyone buys up the supply on the big weekends. Stores can only keep on hand the amount of ice their freezer holds. It is frustrating to drive from store to store in search of an elusive bag of ice.

A re-freezable and reusable cooler ice is a solution to the ice problem. Obviously, ice cannot be frozen again or reused. It is a one-time product for your cooler. The ability to reuse cooler ice packs over and over is the advantage of Bevanda’s VERGE coolers has. No more trips to buy ice. No more concerns about the ice melting before it reaches the cooler. Bevanda solves all the problems.


These are the traditional means of avoiding ice. The packs are usually small. They are kept in home freezers and then pulled out and placed in the cooler. They will last for a time until they heat up.

One problem is the unequal cooling effect. The packs move around in the cooler. Some items in the cooler will be colder than others. This is an issue with beverages that need to be maintained at a constant temperature for maximum enjoyment. No one wants to reach into a cooler and find their favorite drink lukewarm.

Bevanda once again addresses this problem with reusable cooler ice packs that are vastly different from their competition. No more handling the cold ice packs while moving them from the freezer to the cooler. The ice packs attach to the cooler and are ready to provide long-lasting cold for any product placed in the cooler. Since the ice packs attach to the walls of the cooler and stay secure, they will not damage the food inside the cooler. 


When you select the offerings online from Bevanda, you can count on a period of one to three days. These ice packs, as previously noted, are known as Bevanda Polar Walls. The term “polar” means what it says. They are cold. “Walls” references the fact that the packs are attached to the cooler. They have become part of the interior walls.

Polar Walls are superior to any other ice packs on the market. They will last longer and are much simpler to use. We will discuss shortly their use with the Bevanda Verge cooler.


The Bevanda Polar Walls are the best reusable ice packs. As mentioned above, you need the Verge cooler to utilize these ice packs. The Verge is specifically designed to hold the Polar Walls in place. They slide into the cooler. They stay in place. No more ice packs moving around.

The Verge cooler can be your own cooler. Bevanda will place your special design or business logo on the Verge cooler. Take it anywhere and know that your beverages will stay at a constant temperature. In addition, everyone will recognize your imprint so there is no doubt who is the owner of the Verge cooler.


Polar Walls are 9 1/2 inches tall and 3/4 inches thick. They are built to last. When they are combined with the Coolboost insulated foam they form quite the combo. These ice packs can be refrozen. They are available for use after use without losing their cooling capability.

They are designed to slide easily into the Verge cooler. You do not have to push or pull them. Just grab a Polar Wall, and it slides into place. The ice packs then stay there with the magnetic attachments previously described.


The simple answer involves the fact that ice packs do not melt. The packs do lose cold and eventually will not cool. However, they stay intact which is very important.

Bevanda’s ice packs have evolved to a new level. They are known as Polar Walls for a reason. They slide into the side of the Verge cooler. When you open your Verge, you first notice that there are no packs in motion. Just an additional layer inside the cooler that keeps your beverages at a better temperature than any ice or ice pack could ever hope to accomplish.

A wall of re-freezable reusable ice surrounds all sides of the inside of a cooler. It is a novel idea and one that Bevanda has perfected for every person who desires the ultimate in cooler ice. Think Polar Walls, and you have the idea behind this new wave of cooler ice.


There are numerous reasons that make Bevanda ice packs the top of the line. First is the ease of use. It is so simple to just slide the Polar Walls into the Verge cooler. There are no worries about shifting and rearranging.

The next reason is the durability of the product. This applies not only to the construction of the Bevanda Polar Walls. It also means they hold the cold so the drinks in your cooler stay cold. This is a combination of the ice packs with the other innovative features of the Verge detailed herein. Do not forget that Bevanda ice packs are part of a greater product that is designed to be the best.

Another factor is just the idea that ice packs are the best means of keeping beverages cool. They also eliminate all the problems caused by ice. No reaching into melted ice, known as water, to retrieve your drink. No worries about disposing of the water without creating a mess.

Finally, you have the total package with Bevanda. The ice packs are part of the total package which includes the Verge cooler. There can be no question that buying a custom-made cooler with Polar Walls is the right answer to the question as to who offers the best ice packs.

Bevanda prides itself on offering unique products that meet everyday needs. Our specialty is the care and treatment of beverages. Everyone wants cold drinks. We cater to that need. Our ice packs are just one example of the Bevanda pursuit of excellence. The concept of a polar wall breaks new ground. When combined with the Verge cooler and the other cooling elements, you have entered a new realm of cooler ice.

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