Bevanda Road Trip Coolers

Road Trip Coolers

Whether you’re headed out just for a day at the beach or planning a long road trip, the right cooler can protect your budget and your health. Bevanda coolers make it possible to keep your food cold without leaving it swimming in the ice. Your road cooler on the road trip can stay both tidy and cool.

What are road trip coolers?

A road trip cooler can be loaded with drinks, snacks, sandwiches, and much more. You can load it with steaks and hot dogs for grilling, or bring marinated meats to a campsite. The right cooler can keep all your food cool without requiring multiple trips to the store for ice.

A cooler full of ice will quickly become a swampy mess. If you travel with children, you know the struggle of having to go bobbing for the last soda or juice pack. With Verge, you know what’s left in the cooler.

Who should use road trip coolers?

Anyone who is planning a road trip and wants something to drink or eat that is fresh and cool. From vegan to carnivore, we all need a cool drink of water and refrigerated food. The Verge cooler makes this both easier and lighter; a full bag of ice weighs more than the magnetized Polar Wall ice blocks that line this versatile cooler design.

When to use a road trip cooler

You don’t have to go on a road trip to put your Verge cooler to best use. If you’re hanging out on the patio with friends, load the Verge cooler with the magnetized Polar Wall ice blocks and drinks for the group. Headed out for a picnic or a ballgame? Your Verge should have a spot among your clan.

What kind of coolers are the best for road trips?

A cooler that works well on a road trip

  • Doesn’t have to be loaded with expensive, heavy ice
  • Doesn’t have to be drained before you can put it in the car
  • Seals magnetically so you don’t have to worry about the latch

Your Verge cooler will be an ideal choice for your next road trip. If your family is loaded with travelers and has more than a few drivers, the whole line of Bevanda coolers may soon be a good investment.

The 20 quart Verge cooler is a great choice for your next road trip. The whole unit is just over a foot tall with the lid on and the top is magnetized to stay closed. Instead of having to dump ice into the cooler, you just freeze the cooling blocks that attach to the walls with internal magnets and stack everything that you want to stay cold inside the cooler.

This cooler has a sturdy stainless steel handle with a lot of clearance. If your grip isn’t as strong as it once was, or if you need a little help to get this cooler out of the trunk of the car, you have options.

You may also want to carry your Verge cooler for your regular grocery trips. Simply load the Polar Wall freezer blocks into the cooler on the day of your shopping trip and keep your dairy and meat products securely cool all the way home. With the handle extended, the 20-quart car cooler is just under 18 inches high and the whole cooler is less than one inch thick. The entire unit is 16 inches wide and will easily fit your trunk or hatchback.

Each of the magnetized cooling walls is formed to fit snugly to the walls. The two largest Polar Wall blocks are 9.5 by 10.5 inches, and the two smaller ones are 9.5 by 6.5 inches. They’re all under an inch thick and will fit snugly into your freezer.

Where can I buy the best road trip coolers?

Your Verge cooler can be ordered from the Bevandas website. If you need something larger and can handle the weight of the ice, you can also pick up larger coolers from Bevanda’s website.

Many who enjoy travel have gotten away from using coolers because the weight of the ice made coolers unmanageable. This is no longer a worry. The reusable gel packs that magnetize to the wall of the Verge make the whole unit much easier to manage and simpler to empty, fill, and clean. Best of all, the Verge comes with a hearty stainless steel handle that offers a great grip. Older and younger folks who love road trips will get great use out of the Verge.

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