Sports Bottle Lid-Replacement For Bevanda Sports Bottle

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Built with high-strength plastic, our sport bottle lids are built to withstand working conditions. In the few rare cases of the lid gets damaged, we have replacement lids for you so you don’t have to go without your Bevanda sports bottle. 

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  • Leak-proof technology of the sport bottle lid means that our sport bottle lids will never leak. 
  • An airtight seal ensures your hot and cold liquids hold temperature for the longest time. 
  • Made with construction-grade material for a longer lifespan.


Flip up straw

Built-in flip up straw for easy drinking.

Construction Grade

Built with construction grade material


Rubber seals ensures an airtight and leakproof seal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bevanda sells valuable drinkware lids separately under its range of accessories. It’s impressive you can buy the lid only to replace the lost one. In that way, you can still make do with the bottle without having to buy a new set. The company values practicality and quality in all its products.


Bevanda sport bottle lids present a lift-up bite nozzle acting as a straw to make smooth drinking. The lid is free from leaking, BPA, and Phthalates. The screw-top and air-tight lid seal tight to keep the drink temperature for a long time. It also has a sturdy handle for easy carrying.


The lids are helpful for people who are primarily on the move. Sportspersons like tennis players, cyclists, gymnasts, and footballers find it easy to drink from water bottles. Keeping a spare lid would be helpful in case they lose it amid the active motion.


Construction workers are another group of people who are dependent on sports water bottles and lids. Imagine if they don’t have them at worksites. It’ll be troublesome to go back and forth to drink water. Even if they have water at the worksite, the drink will not keep cool like how the water bottles and lids could do. It’s also easy to lose the sports bottle lids while working on the construction sites.

There are many challenges while working on a construction site. Everything is not fixed and unorganized. You can have soft soil, ravines, pools, and uneven bars at the sites. Any worker with bottled water can quickly drop the lid. It is when a spare sport bottle lid is handy. At the construction site, you don’t want to keep a water bottle with its mouth open. It will invite dust and insects to the bottle.

Bevanda sport bottle lids cater to workers at the construction sites. Such sites can be so vast that the workers could spend the entire working hours in it. They must bring along food and drinks enough to cater to the day’s needs. Water bottles serve to fulfill the need for drinks. Moreover, the water can stay cool all day long. The lid’s quality design ensures water seals tightly.


You can use a regular water bottle anywhere you go. But on a construction site, workers need to move around to get the job done actively. At times, a worker has to run for a particular task. Another time a worker might have to climb up a scaffolding to tie a knot or something.


You would love to keep your water bottle safe and functional in the process. However, a suitable lid does not equip a regular water bottle. Chances are your water bottle lids could not withhold the desired temperature. Worst, water manages to leak through the cap due to its low built quality and cheap materials.


Sports bottle lids produced by Bevanda seals tightly to keep the water safe and spill-proof on a construction site. The secret lies in the design of the lid. It’s screwed to the bottle, not clipped. Therefore, it ensures a long-lasting air-tight seal.


Another reason is that you can buy a replacement lid instead of recovering the whole bottle set. It will save you money since the bulk of the price is on the body of the bottle.

Bevanda offers the best sport bottle lids in the market. The designers intelligently design the lids to suit various rough conditions, such as in construction sites. It warrants an air-tight seal and easy-to-use functions such as a straw nozzle and sturdy handle.