Stainless Steel Lids For Bevanda Bottles 20/40 oz

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Bevanda stainless steel lids are perfect for your existing 20 and 40 oz bottles. Our stainless steel lids are spill-proof, leak-proof, and fit our 20oz or 40 oz bottle. Bevandastainless steel lids have a tight seal for maximum temperature control.

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  • Bevanda stainless steel lids are built with high-grade stainless steel and they are easy to clean. Bevanda stainless steel lids fit our 40 and 20 oz bottles. 


Stainless Steel

Built with stainless steel.

Construction Grade

Bevanda Stainless Steel lids are construction grade and built to last.


Bevanda Stainless steel lids are sealed air-tight and leakproof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bevanda is a brand that offers 20 oz stainless steel bottle lids that are unparalleled on the market with the highest quality lightweight steel that exceeds expectations and provides you with the best deal possible for extended use. These lids are of the next generation of technology which has been carefully crafted to suit individual needs for multiple purposes and environments. They transcend the traditional experience because Bevanda has been known for offering quality products that leave nothing to be desired. They go the extra mile to ensure that their stainless steel bottle lids are top of the line!

The great part about these steel lids is that they can be used by the casual person or the professional in need of continuous hydration. People who enjoy beverages that maintain their temperature over long periods of time will benefit the most from this product because it accomplishes this job with incredible efficiency when you don’t have access to refresh your drink. Often times it can be difficult to develop consistency if you travel and want to keep your drinks cold or hot.


This can be a tremendous burden if you sip on a cold cup of coffee that loses its luster very easily. Thankfully, Bevanda has carefully crafted these 20 oz stainless steel bottle lids to keep the temperature optimal for extended preservation of any beverage. This is highly advantageous for hikers or sports enthusiasts who are under conditions where the weather outside can cause fluctuations in their drinks.

You can use 40 oz stainless steel bottle lids if you’re in a position where you need a bigger reservoir of liquid over extended periods where you don’t have access to any other source of hydration. In some cases, this can save your life if you get lost in the wilderness because the 40oz is much larger with more capability to withstand harsh conditions for the long term. If you know that you’re going to be away from a water source then this is the best lid for the job to maintain your beverage.


It is naturally paired with their steel bottle options which leaves you with a reliable combination for incredible use over the long term. The benefits of utilizing this brand include reliability and a leak proof mechanism with ease of access. This can be an elusive quality these days because many traditional steel options will have a leak eventually so you want to prevent this as much as possible.

A good example of the perfect place to use these stainless steel bottle lids would be in situations where you know that your drinks will be tumbling all over the place. A lot of sports have this problem and the last thing you want is for it to spill all over the place without professional product consideration. If you have beverages such as coffee then it can stain your clothes and cost you even more money.


Travelers and those engaged in long-term business can use them in meeting rooms so that they prevent spills on important documents and serve the perfect function for any meeting settings. Not only that, but nature and sports enthusiasts will benefit greatly from bringing these bottles on tours or trails to keep them hydrated conveniently without having to travel elsewhere to get more drinks.

The main reason you should use either the 20oz or 40 oz lid is that it will give you insurance for the future and peace of mind knowing that your important liquids will remain in the steel cup itself. Often times there are beverage holders that will unscrew, but this one will remain airtight and contain the temperature over long periods which is incredibly useful to maintain the integrity of any beverage. You should also use them because they won’t break if you happen to drop them on even the toughest surfaces.


They might bounce around a bit like if you dropped anything, but they won’t come loose or get damaged because the steel is incredibly strong for use over the course of years. It is convenient to seal and access your beverages and enjoy continued hydration without any waste or disappointment which is often found with plastic options. Not only that, but plastic materials can degrade over time and start to harm your health. Steel will never do that and you can reduce anxiety regarding that aspect over the course of extended use!