110 Quart Rotomolded Cooler | Built For The Toughest Of Jobs

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Bevanda 110 Qt Roto-molded coolers are the toughest roto-molded coolers you can buy. Built with high-grade impact-resistant plastic, stainless steel hinges, and heavy-duty nylon straps. These 110 Qt Roto-molded leak-proof coolers will last you a lifetime. Perfect and ready to take on the tough beating at your construction site or just a casual get-together. Bevanda 110 qt coolers are built to get the job done. Get one today with or without customization. 


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• Bevanda 110 quart roto-molded coolers are built using rotational molding technology with a hard shell design. Construction grade, Impact-resistant, thermally insulated coolers with or without custom. 
• Customize the Bevanda 110 Qt Rotomolded coolers with your business logo. The perfect cooler for a company to give away as a gift for your employees and customers. 
• Built with construction work in mind, Bevanda 110 qt rotomolded coolers are tough and ready to take on the harsh conditions of the job site. Hardshell design also allows for the cooler to be used as a seat or a stand for recreational purposes.


Thermal Insulated

High-grade pressure injected thermal insulation blocks the external temperature from entering the cooler and helps with the slow discharge of ice to maintain temperature longer.

Impact Resistant

Bevanda Rotomolded coolers are impact-resistant and tested by contractors. Yeah, they are tougher than a bear.

Construction Grade

Bevanda 50 Qt coolers are tested and trusted by contractors everywhere. Bevanda rotomolded coolers are the standard coolers for contractors everywhere.

Easy Flow Drain

Easy flow drain allows the cooler to drain the liquid faster, easier, and at a consistent rate.

3 Inch Walls

Bevanda 50 qt coolers have up to 3 inches of insulation. High-density insulation traps the cold air in and prevents the air from escaping increasing temperature retention.

Custom Coolers

Customize a Bevanda 50 qt cooler with your company logo, use custom coolers for promotion, for your employees, or as gifts for your customers.


Bevanda 110 qt rotomolded cooler dimensions
Bevanda 110 qt rotomolded cooler dimensions side view
Bevanda 110 qt rotomolded cooler dimensions open view

Frequently Asked Questions

Construction and contracting jobs consist of a lot of strenuous work. You are constantly digging, drilling, building, and hammering. You are around a lot of extremely hot machinery, sparks, even fire, and dust. These jobs can be rough, and they can dehydrate you in the blink of an eye. A lot of times, all you need is some ice-cold water, Gatorade, or soda to keep you going, especially on a hot day. It can also be disappointing to get to your water or Gatorade to find that it’s now hot, either because there was no ice in the cooler or the ice melted. Not only this, but you have so many coworkers that the simple, everyday cooler they’ve set out just isn’t going to be enough to hold everybody’s drink, let alone keep them cool. Just in case of days like this, 110 qt rotomolded coolers should do the trick.


Not only are 110 qt rotomolded coolers big enough to hold everyone’s beverage, but also their interiors are designed with sturdy material that is meant to hold ice in full form, and keep it cold for much longer than a regular cooler. Bevanda cooler will give your drinks a longer-lasting, more effective way of staying cold, so that when you are ready to twist that lid or pop that top, you can gather that energy, stay refreshed, replace those electrolytes and get back to work in no time. Not only is this 110 rotomolded cooler super effective and longer lasting for the ice, but you can make sure you have coolers stationed in different locations of your worksite, so everybody doesn’t have to walk for five or ten minutes every time they need a cool, refreshing drink!

It doesn’t always have to be a hot day. Sometimes it is just a long one. That’s okay, these coolers are fit for all of your most dehydrating situations, whether you stay in the office and answer the door for your workers and need it under your desk so you can grab a cool drink after a long talk, or you are a construction worker whose job is to drive around and work around the city. In this case, you might feel like you need to keep one of these wonderful coolers in the bed of your truck. This way, you and your coworkers can have it on hand while you are working on a gigantic building on a long day, or if you have to drive a long way and you know you are going to need a cold drink to keep your blood pumping while you are on the road.

Bevanda 110 Rotomolded coolers are sturdy and reliable in all kinds of weather, meaning that you can leave them out in the rain. They will not rust or leak easily, so you can go right out after the rain stops and grab that refreshing drink before bringing the cooler onto dryer ground. The top is also sturdy, so if you leave it outside during a harsh wind, you don’t have to worry about the lid blowing open and flying away.

Want to advertise the name of your construction site? No problem! You can get assistance customizing and designing the coolers to advertise for you. All you have to do is purchase any number of the plain white coolers, and logo and brand it with the name of your construction site. Then you’ll have your own custom 110 qt rotomolded coolers! This way, you can have personalized 110 qt rotomolded coolers for you and your workers at the site or can be used for sponsorships. 


Another amazing thing about these 110 qt rotomolded coolers is that they have wheels. Yes, wheels, along with a retractable handle. So now you don’t have to worry so much about the weight from the ice or the contents of the cooler if you want to transport your drinks somewhere else. By using the handle to wheel the cooler wherever you need it to go, you also reduce the risk of the sodas banging around and bursting open. Also, the material of the cooler is surprisingly light, making it easy to steer and swift to move. You can even make wide turns and not have to worry about the handle separating from the cooler or all the contents spilling out onto the ground. All you’ve got to do is wheel it where you need to go, park it, and gently push the handle back into place.


This way, if you and your coworkers are having to move around a lot, you can easily take your drinks with you without having to stress yourself by carrying them from place to place. These durable miracles also come in different sizes for different environments. Although they are designed in general for workers at construction sites, there are smaller ones for a celebration or party at home or an everyday to-do in the office, so Bevanda’s custom 110 qt rotomolded coolers are just right for you and the people around you, no matter where you are.

These coolers have even been tested and compared to similar products, and come out on top. That’s right, these rotomolded coolers are literally the best option you can invest in. Whether you are keeping your workers hydrated and energized on a hot workday or advertising the name of your hard-working construction site, these personalized 110 qt rotomolded coolers are your best bet.

If you are a manager or someone of a high position, you can show appreciation for your workers by giving them water bottles that are branded with the name of the construction site, this way they can proudly drink from the bottles while advertising their work to family and friends. So go ahead, make your construction site a more bearable environment with personalized 110 qt rotomolded coolers for you and your employees.

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