One Gallon Jugs Stainless Steel – Vacuum Insulated

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Bevanda triple insulated gallon jugs are an investment that oats for itself quickly. Keep yourself hydrated all day with the large industrial design made to carry 1 gallon of hot or cold liquid. Bevanda gallon jugs are perfect for construction job sites, are leak-proof, vacuum insulated, tough, dishwasher safe, and can be customized with your business logo. A perfect companion for your daily use whether you are a contractor or not.


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• Bevanda One-gallon jugs or also know as one-gallon stainless steel water bottles are engineered and designed for the job site. Built with high-strength stainless steel, our gallon jugs are designed to take a beating or two and keep going all day long. 

• Customize and personalize the one-gallon jug with your business logo. Perfect for a company giveaway for your employees or as a customer appreciation present. Bevanda gallon jugs are perfect for any occasion, whether you are giving them away as a company gift or to attract more customers. 

Perfect for carrying hot or cold liquids to your job site. For the long days when you can’t go home because you have to work overtime, Bevanda gallon jugs will be with you every step of the way. 



18/8 Stainless Steel

18/8 grade high-quality stainless steel is used in the bottles to ensure maximum durability and strength.​

Triple Vacuum Insulated

Our bottles are triple vacuum insulated for maximum temperature retention. Triple insulation helps temperature decrease gradually giving you longer temperature retention.​

Dishwasher Safe

Just put the bottle in the dishwasher and you are good to go. Stainless steel with a powdered coating provides a nonabsorbent barrier providing easy cleaning.

Construction Grade

Bevanda 40 oz bottles are tested on the construction site. Our bottles are loved by contractors everywhere. Try our bottles to see why. ​

Hot and Cold Liquids

Use our 40oz bottles for hot or cold liquids. Hot liquids stay hot for over 12 hours and cold liquids stay cold for over 24 hours. ​

Custom Bottle

Customize 40 oz bottles with your company logo and promote your business. Custom 40 oz bottles are a perfect gift for your employees and customers.


1 Gallon Jug Dimensions

Frequently Asked Questions

A gallon jug is a stainless steel water jug designed to hold 4 quarts/128 ounces/2.2L of cold or hot liquids. Unlike their thermal insulated counterparts, these drinking vessels typically all feature a wider base and larger opening to make adding ice cubes and cleaning easier. There are a wide variety of brands available to choose from, at various price points, and an even wider variety of finishes and materials. The most commonly seen option on the job site is stainless steel because just like your boots, it is tough, durable, and able to take a pounding from being dropped, jostled, or smashed.

Typically they are crafted from stainless steel, double-wall insulated to promote keeping your beverage of choice cool, and sleekly designed for a professional aesthetic. Bevanda Gallon jugs come with straws built into the lids for ease of access, and these can be run through the dishwasher at the end of the day to improve sanitation. To clean your stainless steel gallon jug, simply place a tablespoon of baking soda in the bottom of the empty vessel. Fill it halfway with boiling water, and swish. Then let stand for five minutes, drain and rinse with cool water. This cleaning method also works well for hot beverage vessels and requires minimal scrubbing and scouring if performed a couple of times a week.

Construction gallon jugs are fashioned from die-cut stainless steel being molded and pressed into double-walled vessels magnetically sealed at the lip and borders to ensure no leakage and improved durability. It is essential that any brand like Bevanda which can live up to the requirements of the job site and be as tough on the ground as your hard hat.

Contractor gallon jugs are best used for keeping cool on hot summer job sites, staying ahead of the sweat factor as the mercury climbs. However, they can also be used for hot beverages like tea, soup, or even coffee although these tend to be harder on models that feature plastic straw attachments, which aren’t designed for prolonged exposure to hot liquids and may malfunction.

To avoid this, we recommend having a dedicated cold beverage container and a separate hot beverage container. Using stainless steel allows for the easy addition of an engraved nameplate to make sure nobody else absconds with your drinks and gives you a professional image on a dirty, chaotic construction site. Ease of portability, effortless style, and staying healthy while you work as hard as you play has never been easier.

And your construction gallon jugs can follow you home too! What better way to keep the kids hydrated and ready to score at their games than with a cold vessel full of sports drinks or water? It’s also a great Father’s Day gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life who may want to go climb Mt. Marcy and needs an all-day water storage option. 

These versatile jugs are for everyone–dads and kids on the go, hard-working skilled laborers, outdoorsmen, road trippers…really, any person you know that doesn’t get their recommended daily ounces easily.

Scorching summer days paving the highways of America, flagging traffic, welding the next big box store together, or even just discussing your project with the architect telling him his vision needs some tweaking to become reality–there is no place on the job site these jugs cannot go. Take them to the beach with your sweetie on the weekend, the sports games, or just chill in your car on your lunch break as you reapply the sunscreen and enjoy a few minutes without the screech of power tools. Bevanda Contractor gallon jugs go everywhere to keep you hydrated.

Because of their supreme durability, Bevanda gallon jugs are the perfect choice for a dangerous job site, where they will be put to work as hard as you are. Whether you are scaling the I beams of an upwardly ascending skyscraper, or you are raising the roof on a new house? There is a gallon jug with your name on it. With or without straws built-in, there has never been a better variety of options to bring your healthy lifestyle to the office–wherever your office may be!


Construction workers and contractors work in some of the most extreme job sites on Earth–and our civilization depends on them staying strong and healthy to do it. Keeping hydrated helps in a dozen different ways–flushing toxins from the body, replacing lost body water on sweaty, sultry summer days, and making sure your blood pressure stays regulated during heavy physical labor to name a few. Discuss your recommended daily allowance of water with your doctor at your next physical, and then make your next stop to purchase a gallon jug. You won’t be sorry you did–especially once you take that first, quenching and cooling sip from it. More likely, you’ll turn around and go back for more.

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