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Bevanda stainless steel straws are the top-of-the-line stainless steel straws. You can use the stainless steel straws with any of your Bevanda tumblers or bottles. Few of the Bevanda bottles also come integrates stainless steel straws that can be replaced when needed. Whether you are looking for a long-term solution to your endless straw problem, or just want a straw that will last you a lifetime, Bevanda stainless straws are your go-to.

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  • Construction stainless steel straws are best used in the construction setting under contractors who need them most, but they can be used in a variety of environments with the same results you’ve come to expect from Bevanda! They are built tough for the hardest working conditions and are excellent in application with adaptability and sturdiness. 
  • Reusable straws are important for these working conditions because they allow you to use them over and over again over the course of multiple jobs without worrying about throwing them away or contributing to hurting our earth. 
  • Bevanda stainless steel straws are built tough for the hardest working conditions and are excellent in application with adaptability and sturdiness. Bevanda straws are built for solid contractors who value efficiency and durability in all their equipment on a daily basis!


Stainless Steel Straw

Stainless steel straws are the most capable and most reusable stainless steel. Built with high-grade stainless steel our straws will last you a lifetime.

Easy to clean

Bevanda stainless steel straws are easy to clean and include a nylon brush to clean the insides of the straws.


Never worry about buying more straws. Bevanda stainless steel straws are built with reusability in mind and built to last.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the best stainless steel straws are carried by Bevanda and continually provide customers with a standard of excellence that leaves nothing to be desired. They are ergonomic and safer than normal straws and are continually a valuable and reliable straw for future construction or casual use. They are forged with the highest quality steel to ensure that no particles or heavy metals are ingested for long-term use. Everything is handled perfectly during the construction process and created with the greatest integrity for long-term use. We offer nylon cleaning brush to make sure there isn’t any build-up of any materials over time. They can definitely pose a threat to health if you don’t properly clean them so it’s important to take these factors into consideration before using and maintain a high standard of cleanliness.

There is no limit to when these straws can be implemented but they are best used on the go or in working conditions. They are flexible in application to places like construction sites because they are built with contractors in mind. The average person may choose these over plastic straws for picnics and outings because they are remarkably efficient by comparison and don’t impact our environment. They are even effective at preserving the cold or hot temperature of beverages all the way up through the straw into the mouth without the liquid getting cold. Hotter liquids may be a problem with plastic straws and can even start to melt them and release particles of plastic into your drink. This is obviously unfavorable and these stainless steel straws with nylon cleaning brush are ideal for any location which makes them incredibly convenient for the user.

Construction stainless steel straws are most commonly sought after for larger construction projects where contractors need a sturdy and reliable option to enhance their drinking experience and not fiddle with lesser materials. It can be effectively implemented in larger facilities or short-term projects. These reusable straws can be used for the long term and are incredibly ergonomic in storing. You can leave them on the job site and even purchase multiple straws so that you don’t have to clean them as often. Even if you do clean them it doesn’t take long because Bevanda has considered the needs of their customer by offering a cleaning tool that makes them ideal for picnics and lunch breaks if you want to switch between beverages throughout the day. It allows the user to get rid of the various debris that might get trapped over time. Dust from sites is a common problem and these straws are adaptable and manageable.

Most straws on the market are made of a flimsy material like plastic or even paper which is counterintuitive and makes no sense to utilize. This is especially true with the paper because hot beverages will start to eat away at the paper and then you’re ingesting it. Tough straws made of steel from Bevanda are revolutionary and dependable without any potential foreign materials entering the body. You need to be at your best each day when you’re a contractor on a construction site, and efficient hydration is key to maintaining a larger workload. These stainless steel straws with silicone tips are ergonomic in design and don’t cut corners on quality like many traditional cheap straws. They won’t crack or crease causing leaks because they are made of high-quality steel. There’s nothing worse than having a plastic straw break and reduce the functionality. Many of the straws on the market today are made of subpar materials, and even some of the other steel straws tend to lack in quality by comparison.

Bevanda straws can definitely be placed in the dishwasher, but because they are a tube they may not get everything out if they were left to dry after drinking a particularly thick liquid. It’s important to scrub it out with the tool before putting it in the dishwasher as this will ensure it is evenly cleaned. Placing it in the dishwasher right side up is also important so that the clean is thorough and ergonomic. If you want to be certain it’s fully cleaned then perhaps consider a longer dishwasher cycle. Multiple straws can be cleaned at once to ensure that you have backups in case you lose one of them or wish to have one straw for water and the other for coffee. Switching straws without cleaning is not recommended and it’s good to have multiple backups for different beverages for continuity.

Many stainless steel straws on the market can taste like metal, but these straws address this head-on by providing a convenient silicone tip that circumvents these factors effectively. If you decide to use the straw without the tip then it’s possible you will taste some metal because they are made of steel after all. Rest assured, these are made of the highest quality ergonomic steel that reduces this metallic taste, but it would be wise to use the tip when drinking to completely eliminate these taste factors. Bevanda has taken the highest customer consideration by giving you a silicone tip to solve this problem once and for all and some people are more sensitive to taste than others. It is hardly noticeable in the long run but certain beverages like coffee or soda can bring out the metallic flavor more sharply if you don’t use the silicone tip so stainless steel straws with silicone tips are definitely recommended for the optimal experience.

There are many places where you can purchase these stainless steel drinking straws but the best brand is Bevanda by far and they can be purchased for an affordable price on their website. You will be pleased to know they offer fast shipping and secure packaging to meet your needs as a contractor. The buying process is fluid and reliable whereas other companies may not take the same consideration in offering additional accessories like the cleaning brush and silicone tips. Bevanda takes extra care and consideration to ensure your needs are met with the highest quality and market standard for the long-term drinking of any beverage with amazing re-usability. Visit and simply type in steel straws to conveniently access this amazing product and experience the difference with better results. You may also find them on Amazon if you have prime and want to get them quicker.

There are many excellent reasons why you should stop purchasing plastic or paper straws and disabuse yourself from this habit. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with buying them for parties where they will be only used once. However, if you’re serious about the long-term use of straw for various work conditions then purchasing steel straws is a better and wiser decision. You will reap the benefits of having a more reliable alternative that also aids in the temperature control of your beverages. They are paired nicely with various steel cups to ensure an even drinking experience be it cold or hot for any situation. Varying temperatures are usually present across construction sites and you want a reliable option that won’t fail you when you need it most. Use a stainless steel straw to increase your overall morale and perspective when it comes to straws in general and enhance your experience today with remarkable results from Bevanda!