Verge Insulated Portable Hard Cooler With Magnetic Ice Packs 20 Quart

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20 Quart insulated cooler with reusable magnetic ice packs and stainless steel handles. Verge cooler comes with two large and two small magnetic ice packs. Never worry about ice, all the mess, and cleaning that comes with carrying ice around. High-density Tura gel traps cold temperature and releases it slowly to ensure maximum longevity. With 2 inches of insulation, the verge cooler will hold in temperatures for over 24 hours. Easy open and close magnetic technology with no latch design ensures easy operation of the cooler. This is a perfect cooler if you are a construction worker looking for a heavy-duty cooler for everyday use or if you are a weekend warrior looking for a small and lightweight cooler for a get-together.


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  • Verge Cooler is a 20 qt Injection-molded cooler with magnetic reusable ice packs that attach to the walls of the cooler. 
  • World’s first reusable magnetic ice packs offer superior space efficiency compared to every other cooler in the market.
  • Verge cooler also is made with our patented tura gel that preserves freshness and increases the capacity for lengthy periods of intense cooling. 
  • Cool boost insulation foam that remarkably maintains levels of freshness that weren’t thought possible for a long time. 
  • Built with construction-grade material to ensure durability and longevity.
  • Customize a Verge cooler with your business logo and use the Verge cooler as your daily cooler or as a promotional gift for your customers and employees.


Easy Clean

No more dirty coolers. Industrial design and smooth surfaces of the verge cooler mair it easy to just water down the cooler for easy cleaning.

Polar Walls

Magnetic ice packs snap on the walls of the Verge cooler ensuring a stronghold and 360 cooling inside the cooler.

Stainless Steel Handle

Never worry about broken straps or weak joints on a cooler. The verge coolers handle is made of stainless steel to handle any abuse.

Construction Grade

Verge Coolers are ground tested and approved by contractors everywhere. Large capacity, temperature retention, and ease of use for maximum performance.

Multi-Purpose Tray

Use the multi-purpose tray as a key and wallet holder or use it as a bowl for your breakfast cereal for your morning break.

Coolboost™ Insulated Foam

2 Inches of thick cool boost insulation helps the Verge Cooler hold the ideal cold temperatures for the longest period of time.

Bevanda Verge Cooler

Coolboost™ Foam

Coolboost™ high density foam is inserted into the walls and the lid of the Verge, allowing for maximum ic pack and ice retention.

Bevanda Verge Cooler Magnetic Hyperloc Technology


The Verge has magnets in the lid and inner walls. The Hyperloc™ system allows you to snap the Polar Walls™ to the inner walls of the Verge™. It also allows you to easy open and close the lid.

Bevanda Big and Small Polar Walls

Polar Walls™

Premium grade ice packs with magnets inside. The Polar Walls™ snap to the inner walls of the Verge™. Each Polar Wall™ contains our proprietary Tura-Gel™ inside each ice pack for maximum cooling retention.

Verge Cooler Air Circulation

Air Circulation

The triple combination of Coolboost™ foam, Tura-Gel™ and Polar Walls™ create an optimal cooling environment. Your food and drink will remain fresh for 24hrs or longer out in the hot sun.


Verge Cooler Dimensions
Verge Cooler Side View
Verge Cooler Inside View Without Ice Packs
Verge Cooler Inside View With Ice Packs
Bevanda Small Polar Walls
Bevanda Polar Walls Side View
Bevanda Verge Cooler Tray
Bevanda Polar Walls

Frequently Asked Questions

Remember when coolers were a styrofoam pain in the pocketbook as you purchased bags of ice to combat the sun to keep items cool? Well, modern technology has changed all that. A “Verge” is a 20 qt cooler made by Bevanda Products. The Verge cooler represents a leader in the ice-free frontier with a technology that utilizes the best in green and sanitized applied science tech. The Verge takes melting ice out of our outdoor equation.

The Verge is an injection-molded 20 qt cooler with nearly two feet of storage space. The technology involves magnetic ice packs and magnetic ice walls. Ice is not required. The main features of Verge include the following:

  • BPA free – eco friendly
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Innovative cold technology
  • Reinforced non-slip feet
  • Scratch resistance
  • Specialized air-tight seal
  • Thermal insulated

This revolutionary cooler technology is created out of high-quality plastic with stainless steel handles and using injection molding technology. Verge features neodymium magnets that have the highest magnetic properties of all permanent magnets. Neodymium magnets will remain strong guaranteeing longevity.


The revolutionary neodymium magnets will keep their stick-to-it ability for more than 20 years. The Verge has a nearly armored core. The cooler is so sturdy that it can fit into any landscape, i.e., construction sites, hiking, backpacking, outdoor barbeques. Its heavy-duty magnetic closures keep children and animals from tampering with it.


The Bevanda products like the Verge, are designed in the United States and are made in China. The Verge is made using an injection molded technology. This new eco-friendly cooler features a unique Bevanda “hyperloc” magnetic system allowing the Polar Walls magnets to strongly adhere to the 4 walls inside of the cooler.


The Polar Walls are made with a customized Tura Gel that keeps food and drinks cool and fresh for up to 24+ hours. To further keep its contents cool for a whole day, the cutting-edge Polar Walls features a customized insulated foam known as “Coolboost.”


Coolboost contains a special Bevenda formulated “Tura Gel” that provides an instant cooling environment without ice. How do the 4 Polar Walls adhere to the inside of the cooler? A hyperloc magnetic fastening system allows the Verge lid to open and close securely and quickly. With an Injection-molded design and Snap-On magnetic Ice Walls that are removable and snap securely back in place.


Keeping your food and beverages cool is the main design of a cooler. Standard hard-shell coolers are better suited for ice retention. The 20 qt cooler technology is the answer to your cooling dilemma where ice is paramount.


The inner Verge Polar Walls are the modern insulating material that will save you time and money. If you plan on packing perishable food, or other types of items that might spoil without being kept at a proper cooling temperature, then you must invest in the Verge cooling system.


Like the Verge, hard-shell coolers are made from advanced materials that provide for thicker insulation. This means that all items stored inside stay cold longer with their snap-on magnetic ice walls. The Verge cooling bin is made not to break down or collapse.


Also, if you are packing for multiple days, the Verge and its mobile Polar Wall system are better equipped to keep foods below the recommended 40-degree mark set by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for long periods of time.

The Verge cooler box is purposely made with tough job sites in mind. When it is hot outdoors, outdoor workers need to say hydrated. What is worse is to go into a cooler for a nice cold drink and all the ice has melted and your drink is lukewarm.


With a cooler like the Verge and its magnetic Polar Walls, your liquids, snacks, and food products will stay cool all day. Many outdoor workers once brought water bottles to the job and had to stop working and refill them throughout the day. Managers on job sites who are calling for steady performance will love and use the Verge to help boost morale and to keep workers hydrated.

Outdoor workers like construction and contractor workers need a cooler that keeps their food and drinks cold throughout their workday. People who work in an outdoor environment need the Verge cooler to keep their food and beverages cold while working outside in varying temperatures.


Consumers have long thought, wouldn’t it be great, if there were an alternative to buying bags of ice for a cooler? The answer is the Verge cooling container with its innovative Polar Wall technology. Other environments that the Verge cooling bin would work in include the fun involved in tailgating gatherings, hiking, road trips, get together, parties, and more.


Sports events are slowly opening and since tailgating is an outdoor event, a Verge cooler would work perfectly. A day at the beach can use this dynamic Bevanda cooler while basking in the sun. School games in the parks can hold lots of food and drinks for families and teams without spending money on bags and bags of ice.


Firefighters also use ice coolers. Look at their heavy work gear that is worn in dangerous and extreme heat. Firefighters rely on ice chests filled with cold water to replenish the liquids that are evaporated through their sweat when saving our lives and property. With the Verge injection-molded 20 qt cooler, cold water is no longer a problem.


Any event that will take place within a 24-hour timeframe would benefit greatly from a Verge cooling container. This is one of the leading Bevanda coolers with magnetic ice walls that are so unique that the Verge can handle many cooling roles while you are enjoying the outdoors.

Durability is important for outdoor workers like contractors and construction workers. Along with work clothing that keeps the body safe, outdoor workers also need a beverage and food container that is durable enough to withstand all kinds of conditions.


This 20 qt cooler can withstand knocks and scrapes without affecting the cooling mechanism inside the Verge. When you are planning outdoor activities at any time of the day and your meal plans call for breakfast, lunch, or dinner then take the Verge. If your food or items were being held inside a traditional cooler, chances are your food will not be fresh nor cool.


The Verge works well in any environment, whether indoors or outdoors. You are probably familiar with how construction workers are when it is time to take a break. Yes, they pull there cooler up close, open its lid, take out their drinks and food, close the lid and sit down on top of the cooler.


This is commonplace seating for outdoor workers like construction workers and contractors. Actually, if you watch football games on tv, the camera may pan to the sidelines. If so, you could see the towel persons sitting on top of coolers. This is when the Verge cooling bin is your go-to technology.


You would think that with all the unique innovative features of the Verge, that it would be cumbersome to carry around. Even if the Verge was filled with your food and drink items, you will be surprised to learn that it is not awkward.


The Verge has an ergonomic handle that remains comfortable in your hands, allowing you to walk upright without bending over the reach within the container. When you have reached your destination, the handle discretely folds down to save space.

The Verge cooling chest features that include durability and cooling innovation, you can use it in any worksite, entertainment site, family camping environment, fishing site, a day in the park, and so much more. The Verge is built to travel along with any adventure you carry it too.

The Bevanda company designed its Verge Cooler chest to never let you down because they are long-lasting for keeping beverages and food fresher longer. The advanced technology in the use of the Verge is an investment in both indoor and outdoor fun. The Verge can sit around in any temperature condition, even hot humid days, and still stay chilled for more than 24 hours.

The Verge Cooler can be customized with your business logo and text to meet your business needs. Our high quality printers are capable of printing pixel perfect images and logos of your business on to the verge cooler.

The Verge Cooler can be customized with your business logo and text to meet your business needs. Our high-quality printers are capable of printing pixel-perfect images and logos of your business onto the verge cooler.

Use the verge coolers as a marketing tool for your business. Give the verge cooler to your employees as a token of appreciation and to your customers for working with your business.